We proudly support all Lifeguards from Coast to Coast. Our products were originally designed to protect Surfers and Lifeguards from the harsh effects of the Sun, Wind and Water. No matter what the conditions we have your back! 

Below is a list of the current Cities / States that either buy Headhunter products for their employees or provide access to discounts for their employees. We have  programs to keep your people protected from the harsh conditions that they work in everyday.

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The Cities / States below trust in our products.

City of San Diego, CA
City of Huntington Beach, CA
City of Del Mar , CA
City of Encinitas , CA
City of Carlsbad , CA

City of Oceanside , CA
City of Coronado , CA
City of Longport , NJ
City of Sea Isle, NJ
City of Atlantic City , NJ
City of Ocean City , NJ
City of Seal Beach , CA
City of Poway , CA
Lake Mission Viejo , CA
City of Seal Beach , CA
City of Corpus Christi , TX
Ft Hunter Liggett Fire Dept , CA

San Clemente State Lifeguards, CA

City of Santa Cruz, CA

Imperial Beach State Lifeguards, CA