The 10 Best Surfer Christmas Gifts for less than $50 -

The 10 Best Surfer Christmas Gifts for less than $50 -

Put a smile on your favorite surfer’s face this year, and stay within your budget!

Our list for 2018 gives you good gift options no matter where their home break is, or how old they are. Checkout cool shades, classic surfer tees, wall decor, accessories, tools and yes, our original surfer’s sunscreen to keep them sun safe.

Blenders Surf Cat Sunglasses

  1. Blenders BeachCat Sunglasses $45 (Free Shipping) - Looking for throwback style sunglasses? Blenders ‘Beachcat Polarized’ shades have a tortoiseshell pattern that’s been popular among smart and creative types for the past century. The turtle splotches aren’t what you’d expect from a regular pair of shades, which makes them likely to draw some attention. If you’re looking for something iconoclastic, something a little different for your surfer? It’s hard to beat the ‘Beachcats’. Buy at


Cloudbreak Cologne by

  1. Cloudbreak® Cologne by $39.95 (Free Shipping) - A great new scent can be the perfect holiday gift. Fresh and clean just like the world famous surf break in the South Pacific it’s named for. Giving this unisex cologne will create new romantic holiday memories to remember. Buy at

  1. Surfer’s Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle $17.99 (Shipping extra) - Surf's up! An endless row of surfboards pierce the perfect blue sky. Grab one and get on the water before your friends in this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Eurographics. Finished puzzle 19.25”x26.5”. Eurographics puzzles are made according to high standards; 100% recyclable materials, non-toxic and vegetable based inks, 0.07" blueboard for exact piece fit without fraying, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Purchase at


Surfer Wall Mural
  1. Surfer Wave Wall Mural $48.90 (Free Shipping) - A big wave ride floor to ceiling right in your surfer’s bedroom will get adrenaline pumping every single day of the year! Imagining being in the tube with this guy is easy to do! 84” x 55” - big! Buy from Amazon.


Gordon & Smith Classic T-Shirt -
  1. Classic  Gordon & Smith Surf T-Shirt $25.95 (Shipping extra) - Go retro - In the mid-1950’s Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith became buds and started shaping foam surfboards in San Diego. Since then, they’ve moved to Australia, became an extremely successful skateboard company, and have really become known for their log shapes. Enjoy the history and the vintage vibes of the Gordon & Smith Original Logo Tee. More classic surf tees to choose from at
Nixon Terrain Key Chain

6. Nixon Terrain Key Chain $28 (Free Shipping) - Nixon is known for their high quality surf watches, and this multi-tool keychain is another great offering from them for any surfer in any part of the world. The branded leather strap has the necessary surf and skate screwdriver and wrenches along with a bottle opener. Right on! Buy at



Surfline Subscription
  1. Surfline Subscription $48 for 6 months - Trusted swell forecasts from anywhere on the planet by the passionate people at Surfline. HD Cameras, exclusive buoy monitors and other exclusive tech brings wave height, wind speed and direction, tide schedules, long range forecasts and much more to any surfer’s mobile device of choice. Subscribe at


  1. Mick Fanning Sandals by Reef $49 (Free Shipping) - In 2004, Reef launched the ultra comfortable "Fanning," 3-time World Champion Mick Fanning's signature performance-oriented sandal with a beverage opener in the sole that changed the casual footwear game forever. It remains one of the best selling sandals of all time. Buy from

9. Birdwell Beach Britches Gear Bag $39 (Shipping extra) - Packing for a boat trip or a business trip, a Gear Bag is a pro move. There’s no reason to fumble around in a larger bag for things like a phone, charger, or passport — keep them tidy and easily accessible in this Gear Bag. Built from the same durable SurfNyl™️ as Birdwell’s famous board shorts and constructed by hand in Santa Ana, CA. Buy at


HEadhunter Surf Sunscreen Stick
  1. Headhunter’s Surf Sunscreen Stick $15 (Free Shipping) - Simply the best surfer sunscreen made. Hands free, pocket sized protection. This unique powder dry formula is similar to foundation make-up and can even be applied in the water! Stays visible on skin so you know it's working. SPF 45 - Recommended for people spending serious time in the sun. Approved for all conditions and climates. Buy at
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