Help Lifeguards Stay Protected

Help Lifeguards Stay Protected

Hey fans of Headhunter, we need your help! We're devising a strategy that helps put our skin saving products in the hands (and on the bodies) of Lifeguards around the United States. 

These First Responders are responsible for saving countless lives while enduring the sun's unrelenting rays at beaches, parks and pools nationwide. Many enjoy the sunscreen we deliver, but often have to come out of pocket to get it. Their offices are outside, forcing them to purchase and consume more sunscreen than the average person. Together we can help defray their cost of staying sun safe.

Here's where you come in: take a look at the list of ideas below and let us know which one you like the best. Based on the responses, we'll deploy the winning plan that gets Lifeguards their sunscreen at a lower cost.

1. Buy One Give One for Just $5 More - If you purchase a Headhunter Face Stick at the regular price (currently $13.98), we'll send one to a Lifeguard for just $5 more. 

2. Purchase any Rash Guard, Get 2 Face Sticks -  We'll send 2 Face Sticks to a Lifeguard with your purchase of a Rash Guard at no extra charge.

3. Purchase a Face Stick for a Lifeguard - You buy it, we'll ship it, just let us know how many you want us to send!

Summer is fast approaching, so send your vote to today!

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